Coastal Districts is a little athletics centre in the south western coastal suburbs of Adelaide South Australia in the City of Holdfast Bay. (click here to read more about our name change)

As a little athletics centre we organise and conduct weekly competitions for all athletes. We have an elected Committee of Management that is responsible for the administration and conduct of the Centre’s affairs. We design our own event program and timetable for each week, co-ordinate the activities of voluntary workers, register our members with the Little Athletics SA, ensure we have adequate equipment, record athlete results and manage our own finances. We also operate as a little athletics club organising training sessions for athletes and keeping them informed of any centre, regional or state events that are being held.

We are the local little athletics centre and club for suburbs such as Glenelg, Somerton Park, Hove, Brighton, Seacliff, Glengowrie, Morphettville, Warradale, Oaklands Park, Dover Gardens, Seacombe Gardens, Seaview Downs, Kingston Park, Marino, and surrounding suburbs.​

Coastal Districts Little Athletics Registration Fees for Season 2022-23

Athletes per Family 1 Athlete 2 Athletes 3 Athletes 4 Athletes
Association Fee 95 190 255 290
Centre Fee 85 170 215 230
Total Fee 180 360 470 520
  • Extra athletes per family are free.
  • ​Life members only pay the association fee. The Centre fee will be refunded upon application.
  • Come and Try is available for 2 sessions before an athlete must join as a member to continue and is not refunded.
  • Come and Try results are not recorded.
  • Come and Try is not available to returning members.

Age Groups

Age group is determined by an athletes age at 31 December.

 Age Group Identifier


All registered athletes must be in complete uniform when competing at Coastal Districts Little Athletics (CDLA) Friday night competitions and Little Athletics South Australia (LASA) state competitions and must have the required registration number and other patches displayed correctly.

The CDLA uniform consists of:

Club tops which are $45.  They are light blue, red and white with navy blue and yellow trim and with a club logo.

Polo tops are required from U6, T-shirts tops can be worn rather than Polos from U9 and Singlet tops can be worn rather than Polos or T-shirts from U12.

Tiny tots can wear any navy or light blue, red or white Polo.

Athletes in the under 14 to under 17 age group receive a top at no cost when a new one is needed.

Shorts can be any navy blue shorts provided no logos or other coloured stitching are visible unless the logos belong to a current sponsor of LASA.

Club shorts are $35.  They are navy blue with the club logo on the front.

Black compression pants may be worn under navy blue shorts provided no logos or other coloured stitching are visible on the compression pants, unless the logos belong to a current sponsor of LASA.

Tiny Tots may wear any shorts.

The registration number is attached to the centre front of the shirt. The age group patch is attached to the left front of the shirt near the shoulder and must cover the club logo.  The Coles badge is attached to the right front of the shirt near the shoulder.

Optional warm hooded tops are available for $55 each.

Running Shoes and Spikes

Athletes are not permitted to compete without shoes.  All shoes must be a running style shoe.  Shoes intended as football boots or similar are not permitted.

Athletes in the Under 11 age group and above may wear spike shoes with spikes fitted (7mm) in all jump events, javelin and all track events in lanes (400m and less).

Athletes in the Under 13 age group and above may wear spikes for the 800m and 1500m provided no younger age groups are competing in the same race.

At CDLA competitions grass or needle spikes are permitted.

At SA Athletics Stadium only pyramid / christmas tree spikes are permitted as no spikes that can pierce the track are allowed.



Little Athletic’s Motto

Fun – Fitness – Family

Little Athletic’s Mission

To develop children of all abilities by promoting positive attitudes and a healthy lifestyle through family and community involvement in athletic related activities.

What is Little Athletics

Little athletics is a uniquely Australian sport for children aged 3 – 17 years.

It is the sport of track & field athletics with events specially modified to suit the ages and abilities of children. A range of running, jumping, throwing and walking events are conducted.

Little Athletics is not as much about winning, as it is about having fun, making friends and getting families involved in healthy activities. Emphasis is placed on participation and personal improvement. Little Athletics recognises that children vary widely in shape, size and athletic ability, and caters for them all.